Daniel Jackson

Broadcaster, fallopian Intertube surfer, music maker and purveyor of silly things.
Melbourne, Australia

Active Projects

Jackson & Jackson Unrelated (iTunes):  Adam and Dantwo unrelated Jackson’s from Melbourneexamine the multi-faceted beast that is life, through the medium of a podcast. Really special (and NSFW).

Soul Reflex (blawg):  Sharing the practical parts of what I’ve learned in life thus far, as I skip down the path of spirituality.

mac sac and crack .com (Tumblr):  Some of my own brain-waves come words/photos/music/videos + my favourite pieces of the Internet pie, swallowed then regurgitated there for your enjoyment/disgust/arousal.

Twitter:  Masquerading as a lady-manned avatar, @danieljackson tweets 140 NSFW characters at any one time.

SoundCloud:  A collection of original songs & themes, as well as fan (re)mixes and other oddities.

Instagram:  Stylised photos of the world around us.

Facebook:  Where I share creative projects I’ve made, as well as upcoming gigs/shows that I’m playing/performing in.

Vimeo:  Video skits of me pretending to be other people that look like me.

Retired and Not So Active Projects

The Friday News (iTunes):  Ya Friday update featuring geeky news in this & that, bits & bobs and odds & sods. A news parody. (retired)

flop ya mac out:  A weekly NSFW news and discussion show on all things Apple. Audio episodes 1 - 73 were opened with a skit based on the week’s news. (retired)

Breakfast with Yo Mama:  Each week, Dan and Jason chew the cereal over pop goss and amusing headlines, with a sprinkling of accidental insight and comedy. (retired)